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My name is Nicola - I'm a self declared efficiencies ninja that loves to make life simpler, easier and seamless. My other business baby, Simply Granola, has been my biggest teacher and partner-in-crime the past 7 years. This journey has set me up to tackle the intricacies that startups deal with in a simple and affordable way. I love working with SMME's in the South African landscape and have an eternal passion to see you kill it out there. Let's make ship happen!

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a little more about the founder

Let me not bore you 😂 I worked as a corporate Business Analyst before diving into all things oats in 2016. I started Simply Granola with no knowledge, a laptop and a small little oven but with pockets full of grit and determination we have a pretty cool story to tell 7 years down the line. Over at Simply Granola we paid all the school fees imaginable and travelled the dreary journey that sometimes is entrepreneurship - I'm beyond excited about the skillsets we've gained, the lessons we've learnt and the smart ways of doing things we've committed to. Oh Ship! was born out of a favour to a friend and turned into a fully fledged business from there, and we have absolutely loved being a third party distributor to all the brands we work with!

When I'm not working you'll find me being mama to our little man, Jack. He is sass, and sweet and the ultimate blue that I use to colour my sky. If there is one thing I'd love for him to be when he grows up, it is to be kind. Our home is one where we live simply, but fill everyday with adventures and a side of laughs. 🖤

Nature, hikes, training hard, taking life slowly, reading, enriching conversations with my girlfriends - these are the kind of things that make my soul come alive. I love to cook, have treats in bed (almost) every night and when the sun rises I love to see how hard I can hustle. Being an entrepreneur comes with its ups and downs, but it gives us the freedom of TIME - the one thing we simply cannot buy with money. I value time as one of the most precious things out there and at Oh Ship! we aim to free up yours so you can spend it on the things that matters most.

I have a deep understanding of costing as a result of qualifying as a Chartered Management Accountant with CIMA. We have extensive logistics knowledge from the Simply Granola journey, servicing retailers like Pick n Pay, Takealot and doing direct deliveries to chains like Spar, Poetry Stores, Wellness Warehouse and Faithful to Nature. We are well-versed in long haul distribution and have made lasting and quality partnerships in this area.  Most importantly, we have faced many of the problems you might face on your journey as a business owner. 

Skillsets aside, we are passionate about taking your hand, seeing you shine and becoming an extension of your business.  Sounds like your kind of jam? Let's do this!


DMC's with a side of 20 questions are my thing - let's connect!

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